Kick Stumps to the Curb

Get stump grinding or removal services in Brent & Calera, AL

When you look out at your yard, are you distracted by ugly stumps? Maybe they're left behind from your home's past owner, or maybe you had a tree removed and never got around to removing the stumps. J & L Tree Service provides stump grinding and removal services in Brent, Alabama and surrounding areas. We'll get rid of any stump regardless of size, species and location.

What's the difference between stump removal and grinding? Stump grinding eliminates the above-ground portion of your stump, leaving the roots to decay on their own. Stump removal is when both stump and roots are removed from the ground. Both options have their own benefits, so you can choose the technique that's best for you.

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Don't ignore inconvenient stumps

Don't ignore inconvenient stumps

While stumps are definitely an eyesore, removing them can easily fall to the bottom of your to-do list. However, if left alone, your stumps could:

  • Cause serious injuries when people trip over them
  • Sprout and begin to grow new trees where you don't want them
  • Attract wood-destroying insects which may then damage your home

Don't ignore old stumps. Meet with a tree pro from J & L Tree Service based in Brent, Alabama today.